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Email Nurturing Kit For Designers – Workbook, Blueprint & Done-For-You Emails Ready to Go!

“The Only Email Nurturing System You Need To Turn Prospects Into Paying Clients”

Great copywriters aren’t born, they’re made. Same goes for emails! This means you can gain the skills and confidence to write a killer email nurturing sequence packed with emails people want to read to sell yourself, your services and hook hot new prospects, turning them into clients. Just fill in the blanks!

This all-in-one kit will help you overcome writer’s block, slay those ‘I can’t write’ demons and put your email nurturing on autopilot, so you can attract clients in your sleep.

This valuable system includes everything you need to get a sequence of five targeted emails written, finessed and set-up within a day.

Created by Foxley Founder CEO Bianca Board, these 80% done-for-you templates, fill-in-the-blanks writing prompts, workbook, blueprint and swipe file will guide you on exactly what you need to knock your email nurturing out of the pack – and build your confidence to sell yourself.

emails for designers

These eight powerful resources will steer you on the path to email nurturing success and help you get clients you love.

This Kit Includes:

01 | Lead magnet success email template so you can leap into the relationship with your best foot forward and get things off to the right start.

02 |  Tried and tested 5-Part email nurturing system so you can just fill in the blanks and have sensational emails that inspire action, even if you’ve never sent an email campaign before in your life.

03 | 9 tips for writing emails that people want to read. Become likeable and trustworthy by following these 9 rules that took me years to learn. I’ve packed everything I know works best for our industry and put it in this one little wonder doc. You’ll know how to talk about your why, what makes you different (and better) than your competitors, how to make offers without the ick factor and more.

04 | How to write powerful subject lines because you could argue that subject lines are THE most important aspect of email. If you can’t get people to open your emails, all that blood, sweat and tears you poured into creating them falls on deaf ears and spam folders.

05 | 23 powerful subject line formulas for those days where you just can’t muster a killer subject line, use one of our tried and tested fill-in-the-blank ones to get ridiculously high open rates.

06 | Fill-in-the-blanks writing prompts if you happen to have a Stephen King moment and prefer not the hit the bars for four months, use these prompts to get unstuck. They’re like Draino for your emails but better.

07 | 12-page Bumper Build-Your-Story workbook. Let’s face it, it’s hard to write about yourself without sounding braggy, especially for us creatives. This workbook steps you through exactly how to build your story in a way that’s fun and interesting, so people fall in love with you and your why.

08 | Email Nurturing Blueprint which gives you the exact process to follow to send your emails to prospects at precisely the right time, without annoying them, so that they convert from simple website visitors to long time loyal A-class clients.


The kit you need to infiltrate client’s inboxes

My Email Nurturing Kit has everything you need to hit the ground running.

You don’t need to be a copywriter. You may have never sent an email campaign before in your life, and that’s totally fine. I’ve packaged everything for you in one easy kit, including the emails themselves, so you can simply fill in a few blanks and hit the ground running.

You’ll get everything you need to really make your emails EXPLODE your clients’ inboxes and bypass years of trial and error. Just like Clovis Shropshire did within the first 5 days of setting it up in his business, Search Optics…

Clovy Clove

“Trust the process!! Received my second phone audit request today and it came from the ‘Last Chance Email’. I had a call with a doctor today that signed up. Call went great! Thank you Foxley!”


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Imagine writing wins every time you sit down at your computer to smash out an email nurturing sequence. And see enquiries pop into your inbox like voodoo magic. 

You’ll have an automated email campaign to generate new clients that WORKS.

email nurturing for designers

**Includes $2,495 worth of Resources. Buy now for just $79. **

$79.00 – Purchase Excluding 10% tax


  • Sephyroth

    Now, this could have been made by Einstein at his best because it’s just pure genius. Right after diving into it, I could tell that an amazing amount of careful crafting was performed to create such a streamlined system that can turn anyone into a New York Times Best Selling author. The way it teaches you the precise way you have to speak to your target audience in order to get the results you want is easily digestible and incredibly helpful. I would’ve never in a million years have figured this stuff out by myself and gotten this good at it THIS FAST had I not used this Nurturing Kit.

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  • collinbelt

    I love this set of emails. I’ve used them for myself, and now I use them as a starting point for whenever I’m writing emails for my clients.

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  • Brian Hardy

    I had heard for years about email automations and lead magnets, but had no clue how it functioned and worked together as well as what it should look like. This was more than just buying a done for me product, but a true learning experience as to the inner workings of an email campaign and bringing the psychology into the nurturing process. Really impressed!

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