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email templates for designers

Get 52 weekly nurturing emails, written by professional copywriter Angela Allan, and Foxley founder and web expert Bianca Board, to put your client and prospect nurturing on autopilot and take the pressure off trying to craft the ‘perfect’ email every time you sit down to write.

This kit includes:

  • 52 emails written to educate your prospects about your services AND add value to their inbox
  • Expertly written, and jam-packed with insights that your audience will love so you establish your authority as a web expert
  • Send one per week for an entire year without having to worry about setting aside hours each week to write a nurturing email
  • Simply download these entirely done-for-you emails and plug into your email automation tool, hit ‘send’ and you’re all set!
  • Sell yourself and your services in a way that feels organic, educational and natural to your tone of voice and brand.

Save 130 Hours & $10k in Professional copywriting with industry specific, persuasive, engaging emails written by experts who have sent over 3 million emails and attracted over 1,000 web design clients via email and online marketing.

The 52 emails include web design related educational topics with a strong call to action on the following topics:

  • Email 1 – HelloBar
  • Email 2 – Phone number
  • Email 3 – Social icons
  • Email 4 – Professional logo
  • Email 5 – Navigation
  • Email 6 – Unique value proposition
  • Email 7 – Professional photography
  • Email 8 – Compelling H1/H2 headline
  • Email 9 – Keyword-rich body copy
  • Email 10 – Interesting image or video partially above the fold
  • Email 11 – The fold
  • Email 12 – Guarantee
  • Email 13 – Internal linking
  • Email 14 – Secondary CTAs
  • Email 15 – Keyword benefit-driven copy
  • Email 16 – Testimonials
  • Email 17 – Value-driven CTA
  • Email 18 – Customer case study or success story
  • Email 19 – Lead magnet
  • Email 20 – Pop-up lightbox
  • Email 21 – Build your personal brand into your business
  • Email  22 – Compelling headline
  • Email 23 – 3 key benefits bullet points
  • Email 24 – Simple opt-in with just 1-2 form fields maximum
  • Email 25 – Value driven CTA
  • Email 26 – Featured in or partner logos
  • Email 27 – Live chat
  • Email 28 – Footer navigation
  • Email 29 – Map & location data
  • Email 30 – Quick contact or quote request form
  • Email 31 – Email nurturing
  • Email 32 – Google
  • Email 33 – Conversion tools
  • Email 34 – Blogs
  • Email 35 – Email automation
  • Email 36 – WordPress
  • Email 37 – Plugins
  • Email 38 – eDM and email campaign
  • Email 39 – Traffic, conversions, nurture
  • Email 40 – Calculating your conversion rate
  • Email 41 – What is SEO and why is it important
  • Email 42 – Copywriting
  • Email 43 – Blog partnerships
  • Email 44 – Website optimisation
  • Email 45 – Image alt tags
  • Email 46 – Google Analytics
  • Email 47 – Exit intent pop-up
  • Email 48 – Sales funnels
  • Email 49 – Conversion strategies
  • Email 50 – Blog optin
  • Email 51 – SSL
  • Email 52 – Mobile responsive

Each email requires very little customisation (just your email signature and name) so you can quickly and easily set up your entire year’s email communication in your platform of choice in just 1-2 hours, and reap the benefit of having enquiries roll in, your brand recognition grow and enjoy peace of mind that your marketing is taken care of for the entire year on autopilot!

No more guilt trips every week that you ‘should’ be writing that email, or posting that blog, or crafting that Instagram story – email is the single most effective marketing medium of all time showing you a $44 return on your investment (ROI) for every $1 you spend, and you can get instant access right now and make those niggling ‘should be’s’ disappear for the entire year!

Save 130 hours and build more trust with your clients for just $29 per month over 12 months! Valued at $9,750!

Unlock your entire year’s worth of email marketing and set and forget within just 2 hours!  

When you buy this kit you’ll get instant access to download all 52 emails so you can just copy and paste them into your email automation tool and away they go for an entire year!

Take the pressure of yourself, and set your next year up for success! Buy it now!

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  • collinbelt

    I’ll be honest, I don’t have a huge list. I’m still a newcomer to the email marketing game, and that makes it challenging sometimes to get up the nerve to write an email from scratch. Well, this pack has taken care of that for an entire year — AND by looking at the content, I’m feeling inspired to write my own emails.

    If you’re feeling nervous or unsure if you can keep up with a consistent email marketing campaign, do yourself a favor and download these. It’ll be just the confidence boost you need, and it’ll give you the safety net of knowing that AN ENTIRE YEAR of professional emails are in your back pocket.

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  • Brian Hardy

    This literally has saved me 100’s of hours of work. Im having my VA’s set this up on autopilot for me this week. I can see so many ways this will generate and nurture a ton of leads and attract existing customers to give us another call. Thanks Foxley team! You guys always deliver and im beyond impressed with this one!

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