You were born for this.

Foxley is an online platform for designers to build a profitable business on their own terms. We teach business principles and give creative professionals the tricks and tools they need to kick trial and error to the kerb.

Foxley is the brainchild of Bianca Board, who believes that every designer can build a successful business and rock it.

“I started out just like you – with an unwavering passion to be my own boss and do the work I love.” 

So she borrowed $2,000 from her parents to buy a computer and with her old brown secondhand desk, set up shop in their living room.

Bianca had no idea what to do next. So she hit the footpath door-knocking. In 42 hours, she visited 98 businesses in her hometown of Wagga Wagga, and she had her first 20 clients.

The first eight years were brutal: working 100-hour weeks, burning the midnight oil and trying to keep her life together.

After years of trial and error, Bianca grew her first web business, Web123, to make $9m in sales. Over the next few years, she tried everything – she became a course addict. Name a course or program and she’s probably tried it. Bianca learned what she could to implement it in her own business.

Finally, after years of trial and error, she finally nailed it with Web123, and generated 393 potential new web clients in under a week. In 2016, she created Foxley – a startup for designers who want to grow their business.

“I want to share all my experience and insights with other designers. I wanted them to be able to bypass hours and hours of trial and error and grow a design business that makes money.”

As part of Foxley, Bianca has opened Foxley Market, the pathway to help creative professionals share and collaborate on tried-and-tested tools and systems to help each other achieve greatness and financial freedom.